by Yeah Wings

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Matt Aurand
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Matt Aurand I don't think i've ever fallen in love as quickly and with as much ferocity as I did with this record. Absolutely breathtaking. Favorite track: In Range.
Clark Hathaway
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Clark Hathaway One of my favorite band names, pleasing album art, and amazing tracks with great lyrics. What more could you ask for in an album? DOWNLOAD THIS. Favorite track: My Air Conditioned Home.
Alex DePompei
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Alex DePompei This album reminds me of the great 2004 film "The Butterfly Effect" starring Ashton Kutcher. I love that movie Favorite track: My Air Conditioned Home.
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debut full-length record from minneapolis slowcore band YEAH WINGS


released April 10, 2015

Collin Dall - vocals, guitar
Jake Blanchette - bass
Cole Benson - drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studios on Nov '14 & March '15.

Cover design by Nico Ciani



all rights reserved


Yeah Wings Minneapolis, Minnesota

slowcore from minneapolis

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Track Name: Trenary's Eighteenth Parade
if i wanted to settle the plains
would you tell me to think of the kids
if i wanted to drive for a day
carving out your next middle school crane
if i wanted to dig a hole
so wonderful through all the way home

i'd want you to assist me and jump off that cliff
we'll speak of your ashes and where they'll be hid

lest say we forgot what we needed to eat
in heaven we'll change whatever she needs
scolding all the dogs that were never bit
gnawing down our nails toward a softer place
i'm moving up north, your lights became too much
and when i closed mine, you opened up yours

your spit lands on my windows, burning down house
and i watched it from a distance and prayed you were in
Track Name: My Air Conditioned Home
the couple across the street seemed so
we never bothered to look over
the caves within your neck formed a
waking up exactly the same

you said you'd follow me until you
shock the top; a lampshade ended
your white truck pulled up crashed in to me
a god he snuck behind and caught every part

of all the pocks and bike handles you
a clamp to my neck, shudders and breaks in
the gun to my head i just wanted my friends back
promises hot and kept under your boats hood

smearing shame and proving points well
not the kind i'd use in my hands
surrounded by folks i'll shake when i'm small
two shades down you're only that far now

scissors at the finish line
i grabbed my hair, inch by inch
and i defeated defeat
halls of lead passing by me
Track Name: Cleaner
everyone knows your name though they might hate you
cracking smiles liken a skull
every day is christmas eve and snow never fell on the house at the top of the hill

i said i meant i'll move my things outside the four walls
quickly my hands i'm counting the steps
for every ones accomplished ends
and every one has an end

i've never felt closer to death
i've never felt a sweeter embrace
every seasons haze it feels like a breath
and i couldn't believe i was cleaning the shelf that you were hiding out

and after all the leaves run dry will you still jump in?
from thousands up high you said you'd be fine
the sounds of nails against brick walls
please nod me to shakes and don't break me again

and i've never felt closer to death
and i've never felt a sweeter embrace
the house on the hill the shutters had shed
you were locked inside, crying again
your face unwritten hell
Track Name: A Prison Plane
another one drowns in the deep end of a bad joke
held on the frayed ropes scold
i will never repeat myself again

hangs high laugh hard and never let go
i guess its found me
mouse through, sharpen you claws it pierced who knew
a day lost i climbed aboard the ship
Track Name: Sharkswords
'you barely jump' sally said, with her head glued to mine
up and down
and from a distance spying eying legs from beside the homeside window
the dog pissed upon some potted plants

its black fur absorbed the sweltering sunshine
i felt its pain

i felt powerless in sallys presence
a shockwave from each altitude upon her fingertips
i never seemed as worthless in every single way
staying loyal for a long time

sally and i rushed, waving
up and down and side by side

some song about confession blared from a big hot boombox blended bloomingly with some ice cream trucks shallow symphony
thick thirsts flashing long

she cared not for anything
cried my eyes off rivering
digging her fangs
and i still stayed around
and it would be a first
Track Name: In Range
i left the same morning you saw him
outside the back door we were reading his awful plan
and nothing made sense

the weather was hot like predicted
we checked off our list of the places and people we thanked
it never looked shorter

the tools from your shed and your bed made the bell ring in sequences colors collapsing in time
and it rang for centuries

we knew what we'd done wasn't gonna surprise anyone

a younger ones heart spirit streaming
we dipped our heads under the lake and we sat in a flood
the water was raising up higher than anyones imagination could fathom
so let go of my hand and latch on to a passerby's please

i opened my mouth
lake water poured out
the towel rang dry
the ladders rung cold on my small pruning toes and i wept
all alone
Track Name: Lift
sunday coughed fourteen inches of blood
a flowered thought muddy hands in the dark
esteeming mob, my neck is cracked at the thought
i never thought my bones would break just like a prop
another gear another cog

your brothers dog, some broken hands fit to its jaw
you caught a flaw, under my back you flung your paws
you're showing off the things he taught you all along
you missed the plot by talking talking through the plot
missing the first day of a job
i will throb

my train it seemed to be escaping from its own station
i didn't feel anything when you sought your clocks dads and moms
dont call, it's off
pretend your shocked for me

your plans and cries as sweet as mine
bruises for crimes, freeze and rewind